Thursday, October 14, 2010


Let me answer some recent questions :)

- The child is my mom's human son. He's almost 18 months old and constantly annoys me wants to play with me. He comes to my doorway and screams "COCOA!" "Co-Coa!" I typically turn my back and wait for him to leave. Dad was supposed to get a baby gate to put in my doorway, but they are looking for the hardware for the one they have.

- Yes, it IS my own room. Sort of. It's also mom's office and tuck-stuff-into-space.

- The lettuce sprouts aren't doing so well. Don't know why. Mom has had lights on them, not watered them much, etc. I wonder if the seeds are old. Oh well, store-bought lettuce is better than none!

- You never know how dogs will react around rabbits. My dog (a great, big Rottweiler) doesn't come anywhere near me after I growled at and charged her a few times. From the safety of my pen of course. She won't tolerate cats, but leaves me alone.

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